October 14, 2016

Earthquakes Are Imminent. Is Your Family Prepared?

A few weeks ago, CBS LA shared a public safety alert surrounding the increasingly prevalent threat of imminent earthquakes reaching the Southern California area (for more information, click here). With recent weather events, especially the earthquakes that have rattled throughout the Salton Sea, authorities have placed Southern California on high alert in anticipation of possible potential earthquakes hitting the area.

Are You Prepared, Really? 

Are you and your family prepared for such an event? It is powerfully important that you and your family are all prepared to handle an earthquake in the case that one occurs without notice.

Do you have the proper preparations in place? History has shown us that not being prepared can bring detrimental pain to you, your family, and all of your loved ones. For example, take a look at the financial and emotional damages that resulted from recent natural disasters like Hurricane Matthew and Italy’s own earthquake.

Having an emergency preparation kit can prove to be invaluable and instrumental in keeping you and your family safe in times of severe emergency.

With the 4-person kit from First My Family, for example, you and your loved ones will have everything needed to keep you out of harm’s way and danger should the unexpected occur and should you find yourselves in the middle of an emergency earthquake situation.

Safety is never something we want to take for granted. No matter where you are and what you might be doing, you always want to be sure to have a preparation plan in case should your safety need to be protected.

Take extra precautions today to protect yourself and all of your loved ones. With earthquake threats on their way, a survival kit, like the 4 Person Premium Disaster Preparedness Survival Kit from First My Family, is exactly what you need.

Stay safe, from all of us at FirstMyFamily.com 

Susie Plascencia
Susie Plascencia


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