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Lessons from the 2017 San Jose Flooding

February 27, 2017

If the San Jose floods have taught us anything, it is that Mother Nature can, and will, strike without any warning. Quite often, she won’t show any signs of her impending danger and this really is where the problem lies for many families.  As the old saying goes: ‘Fail to prepare; prepare to fail.’ Even with planning, the unexpected can happen. Just ask San Jose’s city officials. An oversight on their part about the capacity of Coyote Creek led to the ‘sudden’ overflow in the first place. For many, therefore, the flooding came with no warning. No sirens. No emergency warning systems. Indeed, the first they were aware of the danger was when firefighters arrived at their doors by boats to... Continue Reading →

3 Predictions for Season 7B of The Walking Dead

February 08, 2017

So, after what seems like an absolute eternity, AMC's The Walking Dead will be returning Sunday February 12, 2017 at 9/8c. But just what can we expect from the second half of a season that has already claimed both Glenn and Abraham, bashed to death by Lucille at the behest of Negan? As will always be the case, the comics offer up a plethora of solid theories as to the way the remainder of the season will pan out, whilst a number of clues have already subtly cropped up on the show: All out War: After beating Rick into submission by beating in the heads of Glenn and Abraham, it seemed that all was lost for our protagonist. Negan’s brutal killing... Continue Reading →

5 Steps to Prepare for a Flood

January 27, 2017

As you are likely aware, there has been major flooding across the United States during this first month of the year. News headlines like “Deadly Flooding in Louisiana,” “Louisiana Flooding Disaster Grows, Millions in Texas Under Flood Watch,” and “Flood Warnings as California Deluge Intensifies,” show us that disastrous situations are actively happening in our neighboring states. Known for their unpredictability, floods can cause major damage to city infrastructure and even deaths. Though floods are among the most dangerous of natural disasters, there is one thing to always keep in mind: tragedies caused by floods can be prevented through taking proper precautions. Just a few hours invested into making your home secure, and getting fully prepared, can set your family... Continue Reading →