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Collection of AMC's The Walking Dead survival kits and survival kits for any emergency. Kits exceed Red Cross guidelines for preparedness and have enough supplies for 72 hours of survival, per person.  From the creators of The Walking Dead Survival Kit by AMC.


3 Predictions For The Season Finale Of The Walking Dead

March 31, 2017

And so, just like that, we’re once again at the finale of another Walking Dead season. After the skull-crushing cliffhanger from this time last year, what exactly can we expect from this Sunday’s send-off? With as many loose ends as Negan has enemies, the extended episode should at least tie up a few of those and so, too, a lot of burning questions will be answered: Will Dwight and Daryl ever see eye-to-eye? Who exactly can Rick, and indeed Negan, trust? And, most importantly, will Rick ever snare a darn deer?! Whilst the comic will inevitably throw up a number of theories as to how the season will close, here are some of the best bets for the storylines that... Continue Reading →

Daylight Saving Time Checklist

March 20, 2017

With Spring – and Daylight Saving Time – upon us, now is the perfect time to check and update any emergency preparedness plans. Emergency Preparedness Kits and plans are something every family should have and be familiar with. The start - and indeed end – of Daylight Saving Time, therefore, provides the perfect reminder to review and update those plans.   Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms While it is easy to take smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for granted, the onset of Daylight Saving Time should prompt you to check each alarm in your house. Tragically, the statistics when it comes to smoke alarms are startling. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) found that in one quarter of house fire... Continue Reading →

Lessons from the 2017 San Jose Flooding

February 27, 2017

If the San Jose floods have taught us anything, it is that Mother Nature can, and will, strike without any warning. Quite often, she won’t show any signs of her impending danger and this really is where the problem lies for many families.  As the old saying goes: ‘Fail to prepare; prepare to fail.’ Even with planning, the unexpected can happen. Just ask San Jose’s city officials. An oversight on their part about the capacity of Coyote Creek led to the ‘sudden’ overflow in the first place. For many, therefore, the flooding came with no warning. No sirens. No emergency warning systems. Indeed, the first they were aware of the danger was when firefighters arrived at their doors by boats to... Continue Reading →