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Collection of AMC's The Walking Dead Survival Kits and premium survival kits from First My Family. Kits contain enough emergency food, water and first aid supplies to last each person 72 hours in an emergency. From the creators of The Walking Dead Survival Kit by AMC.


Thanksgiving 2016: Family Communication Equals Family Safety

November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 is finally here! Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for friends, family, and loved ones to spend quality moments together and make new memories to last a lifetime.  Unfortunately, natural disasters and emergency situations don’t take days off. Although Thanksgiving is for enjoying one another and spreading the love and cheer that encapsulates the holiday season, it is important that everyone takes advantage of the togetherness and uses this time to discuss important family safety topics. Here are three major topics you should find time to discuss with your family this Thanksgiving.   Family Communication Plan Do you have a family communication plan established should a natural disaster or emergency situation occur? Who will contact whom? Do you have... Continue Reading →

We’re excited to share some great news- join in!

November 18, 2016

At First My Family, we are proud to help families across the US and beyond get prepared and stay prepared for natural disasters and emergency situations. We share a true passion for family safety and look to spread the message of the importance of preparedness to every family we come across. Over the past few years, we’ve been fortunate enough to have had many opportunities to grow our reach and help even more families get prepared. Through our partnership with AMC’s The Walking Dead, we’ve been able to merge our love for our favorite TV show with the importance of preparedness for survival during the worst of situations. Now, our Official The Walking Dead Survival kits and The Walking Dead... Continue Reading →

Survival Lessons from The Walking Dead's Glenn Rhee

October 28, 2016

On the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, we watched as one of our favorite and most beloved characters, Glenn Rhee, left the series. Known as a fighter, survivor, and ultimate caretaker, watching out for all his fellow partners (especially Maggie), Glenn was truly a symbol of hope and strength during the utmost of apocalyptic times. During his time on the series, Glenn taught us many important invaluable lessons, many of which can be applied to potential disaster situations.Thanks to Glenn, we know what it means to be strong, to lead, to be clever, to never give up, and to always stay positive. Let’s take a look at some of the best lessons Glenn taught us over the years:  ... Continue Reading →