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Collection of AMC's The Walking Dead Survival Kits and premium survival kits from First My Family. Kits contain enough emergency food, water and first aid supplies to last each person 72 hours in an emergency. From the creators of The Walking Dead Survival Kit by AMC.


Earthquakes Are Imminent. Is Your Family Prepared?

October 14, 2016

A few weeks ago, CBS LA shared a public safety alert surrounding the increasingly prevalent threat of imminent earthquakes reaching the Southern California area (for more information, click here). With recent weather events, especially the earthquakes that have rattled throughout the Salton Sea, authorities have placed Southern California on high alert in anticipation of possible potential earthquakes hitting the area. Are You Prepared, Really?  Are you and your family prepared for such an event? It is powerfully important that you and your family are all prepared to handle an earthquake in the case that one occurs without notice. Do you have the proper preparations in place? History has shown us that not being prepared can bring detrimental pain to you,... Continue Reading →

Labor Day Safety & Preparedness

August 31, 2016

    Labor Day weekend is the last weekend of summer and we’re sure you’ll want to celebrate with the entire family! Everyone is relaxed and happy to be off of work on a Monday, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for the many emergency situations that could occur at any moment. With outdoor activities like grilling, swimming, and more, it’s important that you remember a few key things for your holiday.   Grilling Safety Barbequing is a tasty and memorable way to spend the holiday; after all, it’s not summer without some of our favorite summer foods. But, we must still keep in mind that the grill can be very dangerous. When cooking, make sure you to keep... Continue Reading →

Back-To-School Preparedness

August 17, 2016

  Back-to-school season is here! You’ve enjoyed a long summer of relaxation, camping, and quality time with the family- now it’s time to put on those thinking caps and get back to studying.  We’re prepared at home and on the road, but have you thought about emergency preparedness at school? Schools are usually equipped with supplies, but making sure you’re prepared with your own supplies is very important.  Stay prepared by assembling a mini locker, desk, or backpack prep kit. Check out our suggestions on what to pack!   The Walking Dead TWDZPAK Don’t know where to start? Our TWDZPAK has the perfect combination of items for emergency prep and everyday use; the custom water bottle comes with a light stick,... Continue Reading →