2 Person Earthquake/Disaster Survival Kit with 72-Hours of Survival and First Aid Supplies

Our 2-person disaster preparedness survival kit is the perfect all-in-one solution for couples or multiple individuals who have more needs. The kit is housed within a red adult-size emergency backpack and contains enough emergency food, water, first aid, and survival items to last two people for 72 hours with little else.. Food and water are U.S. Coast Guard certified, exceeding Red Cross guidelines for emergency preparedness. It is ideal as a grab-and-go bag for couples, individuals, and college students or to place in a car for emergency evacuation.

About this item

  • 2-PERSON SURVIVAL KIT - Equip your family for any disaster – hurricanes, earthquakes, and more. Our all-inclusive emergency solution includes top-tier gear and supplies. Be ready for anything with this emergency kit. Trust in our disaster preparedness supplies to keep your family safe.
  • 72-HOUR SURVIVAL BACKPACK—Our durable and well-stocked backpack ensures your family's safety for three days in emergencies. It is packed with vital supplies, including a comprehensive and essential emergency kit for disaster preparedness, offering versatile preparedness for various disaster scenarios.
  • PEACE OF MIND PREPAREDNESS - Rest easy knowing that our survival kits exceed the Red Cross guidelines for disaster preparedness. In any emergency, from hurricanes to earthquakes, these provisions guarantee a reliable source of sustenance, providing the peace of mind you and your family deserve.
  • COMPACT SURVIVAL BACKPACK—More than just disaster readiness, our waterproof backpack is your all-purpose companion. Ideal for camping, hiking, road trips, and outdoor adventures, it offers functionality beyond emergencies. It is compact and easy to transport, making it your go-to kit for any adventure.
  • EMERGENCY KIT BEYOND EXPECTATIONS - Discover how our kit transcends its name, becoming an indispensable companion for outdoor adventures and ensuring readiness even when disaster seems distant. It assures you have the essential tools and peace of mind to tackle any crisis Mother Nature may present

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